How to Easily Remove Beehive from your Roof or Structure: 7 Tips

A bitter sting usually brings bees to our attention, doesn’t it? Although bees play a vital role in the ecosystem we live in by pollinating crops and killing pests, they pose a threat to both our lives and property when we happen to see a beehive on our roofs or trees. In fact, honey bees…

A bitter sting usually brings bees to our attention, doesn’t it?

Although bees play a vital role in the ecosystem we live in by pollinating crops and killing pests, they pose a threat to both our lives and property when we happen to see a beehive on our roofs or trees.

In fact, honey bees live in complex colonies as they are social insects.

If you are not looking for honey and wax, then it is time to remove those frightening beehives from your roof or structure.

Are you trying to remove those dangerous beehives by yourself?

Wait. That is dangerously dangerous!

Don’t dare to do that as bees are not your pets and they might sting you.

So, it is better to seek the advice of a professional and experienced pest control agency.

Pestokill has been at the forefront of pest control services and Bee Hive removal service in Ajman for a few years. It never disappoints its customers and provides them with guaranteed results. We also make certain that the bee does not find shelter in your home again in the future.

How to identify a bee from a wasp? 

The main difference between bees and wasps is that bees (except for parasitic bees) provide their young with a mixture of pollen and honey. 

On the other hand, wasps feed their young with insects or spiders. Unlike other pests, bees are a little troublesome to deal with around your home.

Types of bees

Honey bees: Honey bees are very useful bees that play an essential role in the ecosystem through pollination. We can easily distinguish a honey bee from other bee species.

Guess how?

Just look at the thorax, or abdomen, which is bloated and shaped like a barrel due to its carrying honey in its belly. They store their honey in a unique honeycomb hive.

Bumble bees or ground bees: We can identify bumble bees by their very plump and hairy black and yellow bodies. They do not make honey and are significantly larger than honey bees. They also build their nests on the ground.

They are also known as “ground bees” even though there are other bees that are also called “ground bees,” such as mining bees, leafcutter bees, and alkali bees.

Carpenter Bees: Carpenter bees are larger-sized bees. They are not capable of producing honey. Although they look similar to bumble bees, carpenter bees are less hairy and their abdomen is mostly a shiny black color. These bees usually build their nests inside pieces of wood.

Whatever species of bee it is, the threat of getting stung can be very unpleasant, especially if you’re allergic.

Where can I find a beehive?

Honey bee nests are typically found on the tops of trees. Just look around your compound to see where bees have settled and scan for any nests. Nests can vary depending on the bee type. For instance, honey bees usually make their nests in trees while carpenter bees make their nests in wood.

How to safely remove a beehive without hurting bees: Try these home remedies

1) Citronella Candles: Even though this home remedy doesn’t kill the bees, it will surely keep them out of your house. This will also eliminate all the other species of bees.

2) Vinegar spray: Just by spraying equal amounts of vinegar and water on the beehive, you can prevent bee infestation to a certain extent. Don’t forget to spray that on flowers in your garden for ultra protection.

3) Citrus: Citrus is an excellent home remedy to ward off bees. Citrus spray can be easily made at home. Take a pot and add water. Then boil it and add citrus fruit slices such as lime, lemon, orange, and grapefruit. Wait until the water has boiled down to 1/3 of its volume. Then let the mixture cool down. After cooling properly, pour this solution into a spray bottle and use it around the hive and areas where you feel bees are coming from.

 Get the help of a professional pest control company to get rid of beehives.

Isn’t it a beautiful sight when a bee flies from one flower to another?

But what happens if the bees are not ready to go off your roof?

It’s going to be terrifying, right?

Usually, it is a shocking sight when we come across a beehive on our roof because one small mistake can result in serious consequences.

In such circumstances, it is advisable to seek a professional beekeeper’s assistance to get rid of the beehives. A beekeeper is a person who collect bees to get substances such as honey, beeswax, pollen, and pollinated fruits and vegetables.

Here are some of the urgent things you should try to get rid of beehives.

Let’s take a look at those:

  • Search for a local beekeeper: Comparatively, this is one of the best and safest methods to ward off beehives. Seek the help of a local beekeeper in your area to remove beehives from your building or apartment. 

They will remove beehives without any cost to add to their collection. Nowadays, professional pest control companies offer this service as well.

  • Smoke: Smoke makes bees uncomfortable, and you can remove hives within a blink of time. A lot of smoke can be generated while burning sugar, but it could cause smoke damage if used indoors. 

Additionally, we can use incense in large quantities indoors. Bees can’t put up with constant smoke as it will cause bees to move their hive. After checking that the bees leave the hive, carefully remove the hive from your building or apartment.

  • Soap and water solution: This is an effective method to steer clear of a beehive. Soap easily dissolves the bees’ waxy exterior while protecting them from drowning. But this method should be done with utmost caution and you may need professional help if the beehive is larger or beyond your control.
  • Killing bees: This method is not ideal unless beehive removal is impossible. Spray the hive at night when the bees are home, with a chemical bee spray, if you want to kill the honey bees as soon as possible. Consider killing the bees only as a last option and only if it is legal in your area.
  • Eliminate attraction for bees: Bees may be attracted to your garden or around your roof for various reasons. So, it is best to eliminate the attraction for the bees if they have not made a hive on your property. 

For this purpose, you should check whether you have any open water sources (like leaking tanks or open fountains). If you have any, eliminate such sources to prevent beehives from building on or around your property.

What should you do if Honey Bees attack you?

Hope this won’t happen. 

But if you are attacked, running into a building or car and closing the door is your best defense. 

Don’t dare approach bees if you are allergic to their stings, because when a bee stings, it leaves a detectable scent trace that attracts more bees to sting.

Once bees start stinging, they can get aggressive, and chances are there to escalate the attack quickly.

So, why do you take such risks when the best Bee hive removal service in Ajman like Pestokill is there for your help?

Get immediate assistance from us for all your bee-related issues.

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