Why are sanitizing and disinfecting important in every home and workplace?

We are living with germs and pests! Can you believe that? Although it seems harder to digest this, it is a fact that we all need to accept. Germs and pests are always in our surroundings. We cannot see those through our naked eyes, except some like spiders, ants, flies (pests), etc.  While some of…

We are living with germs and pests!

Can you believe that?

Although it seems harder to digest this, it is a fact that we all need to accept.

Germs and pests are always in our surroundings. We cannot see those through our naked eyes, except some like spiders, ants, flies (pests), etc. 

While some of them are helpful, others cause diseases like typhoid, dysentery, etc.

So, how do you eradicate these unwanted pests and germs?

I know what you are trying to say: Washing. 

But washing helps to avoid becoming infected only to a certain extent. Usually, we can’t wash our hands every time we touch something. Therefore, it is necessary to regularly clean and disinfect surfaces and objects.

We have witnessed the treacherous outbreak of the coronavirus in the 21st century. And what’s the after-effect of that deadly virus?

 Millions of people have lost their lives.

What caused this to happen? Our lax attitude toward proper sanitization.

It is always a healthy practice to sanitize and disinfect both our home and work surfaces.

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How safe is your home?

Can you believe that your house will be a hub of germs and viruses unless you sanitize it?

If we touch something that is contaminated and then touch our eyes, nose, or mouth, chances are that we may get infected.

Therefore, it is essential to disinfect and sanitize your home or work surfaces before things get worse.

Is sanitizing and disinfecting vital for a healthy life?

Yes, we can say without any doubt that both sanitizing and disinfecting are essential for a healthy life. Sanitizing and disinfecting are not the same.

Let’s understand their differences.

Sanitizing: We can sanitize by either cleaning, disinfecting, or both. By sanitizing, we are reducing the number of germs to a safe level. It can be like mopping a floor using a mop, a chemical, and water. We can sanitize the dishes using a dishwasher.

The importance of sanitizing has increased more than ever during the current pandemic. When the country has been almost paralyzed by COVID-19, our only weapon is sanitizing.

And we have bought dozens of sanitizers due to the fear of virus infection.

Sanitizer is like a common object like salt in every home and institution.

Hope the person reading this blog will have a sanitizer on your shelf.

Disinfecting: Disinfecting means killing germs on surfaces and objects using chemicals (disinfectants) like bleach or alcohol solutions. After applying disinfectant, you have to leave the disinfectant on the surfaces and objects for a certain period to kill the germs.

Items that you should disinfect

As your home is an abode of pests, it is essential to regularly clean and disinfects surfaces and objects that are touched often. This may include countertops, door knobs, faucets and toilet handles, light switches, remotes, TVs, computers, mobile phones, laptops, and toys. In this way, you can minimize the spread of infection.

How to clean and disinfect safely?

You should handle disinfectants and cleaning products with the utmost care as they contain harmful chemicals.

Here are some concrete tips to follow if you want to disinfect safely.

  • Strictly follow the instructions and adhere to the warnings on the label.
  • Do not try to transfer disinfectant into separate containers. Always store them in the containers they came in.
  • Do not mix cleaners and disinfectants together, as it might cause serious injury or even death.
  • Do as per the label’s instructions. If the label says to use gloves, follow that.
  • Never swallow, inhale, or get them on your skin. Otherwise, it is best to get medical help immediately.
  • Keep them away from the reach of children.

Why is sanitizing essential?

Sanitizing is very important nowadays as we are going through a pandemic period. Sanitization doesn’t mean cleaning only. 

Cleaning may not kill germs while sanitizing reduces the growth of viruses, fungi, and types of harmful bacteria.

Cleaning can be done every day. But does it keep your home or workplace safe?

Certainly not. 

That is why it has been said to sanitize and disinfect to reduce the risk of infestation. Therefore, sanitization is critically essential in medical offices, senior care facilities, hospitals, food service businesses, schools, daycares, shopping malls, gymnasiums, and work environments of all types, in addition to disinfecting.

Sanitizers clear or inactivate bacterial germs on a surface within a blink of time. There are some surfaces that cannot be disinfected. Instead, it is better to sanitize those surfaces.

For example, soft surfaces or porous surfaces like linens. When compared to disinfectants, sanitization chemicals are typically less harsh on surfaces and on end-users.

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Things to remember when selecting a disinfectant

  • How long can it be stored after dilution?
  • Is it inactivated by organic matter?
  • Is it affected by hard water?
  • Will it leave a residue?
  • Is it corrosive?
  • Is it a skin, eye, or respiratory irritant?
  • Is it harmful (by skin absorption, ingestion, or inhalation)?

Choose Pestokill if you want complete protection

Pestokill is a name that is synonymous with professional and quality pest control services. We provide assured results and help to serve customers in the Emirates with the best standards of pest control Company in Ajman.

Customers can find trustworthy and reasonably priced pest control solutions at Pestokill. Through a smart work culture, Pestokill ensures that customers are satisfied with our service. Before applying disinfectant, we ensure that all surfaces are clean.

Then we start our mission. It is a one-stop shop for all your cleaning goals. We accomplish cleaning services by physically wiping surfaces to clean and remove visible soil. We use only EPA-registered chemicals to kill viruses on surfaces or objects.

Focus on High-Risk Areas

Pestokill mainly focuses on high-risk areas or high-touch areas like:

  • Light switches
  • Doorknobs and door handles
  • Faucets
  • Handrails

What we do

  • Routine cleaning and disinfection

Routine cleaning of surfaces like floors, carpets, walls, and windows with detergent or soap and water removes dirt and grime. Surface disinfection is a primary step in infection control procedures. Daily disinfection is essential in restrooms, kitchens, and bathrooms.

  • Three-sink cleaning and sanitization

This is mainly for kitchen applications, where the sanitizing solution is filled in the third sink. Then dip dishes, glassware, and utensils into the sink and let them dry.


Conclusively, it can be said that sanitization and disinfection practices are vital to minimize the potential for COVID-19 virus contamination in non-healthcare settings, such as in the home, office, schools, gyms, publicly accessible buildings, markets, transportation, business settings, or restaurants.

Get ready to take sanitizing to another level with Pestokill.

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