Who is actually responsible for preventing pests from entering your apartments? 

Pest Control Apartment Laws

A Short Overview of Pest Control Apartment Laws

Insects and rodents are common sights in many residential apartments. While seeing those pesky creatures, is quite dissatisfying. Such pests in your space increase the risks of diseases and property damage.

After reading this article, you will get a clear idea about the most common bugs found in apartments and who is responsible for getting rid of them: landlords or tenants?

Let’s dive into it.

pest control apartment laws

The Top Pesky Pests found in Apartments


Bed bugs make their homes under your mattresses and furniture beds. Although these bed bugs do not cause any harm to your property, they can bite humans and spread many diseases and allergies.

  1. FLEAS

Don’t you see any biting marks on the back of your neck and under your legs? That is because of fleas. Their bites are so itchy that they can cause swelling and redness on your skin.


Termites are universally found in all residential and commercial spaces. Usually, those pests like to dwell in wood, moisture, and dark places, so removing moisture and darkness from your place is vital to get rid of termites.

  1.  ANTS

Ants are found in waste and garbage, so it’s advised to dispose of your waste regularly and promptly to avoid attracting ants. As ants can enter your home through any holes and gaps, it is better to seal all the cracks and gaps to block their entry.


Rodents are equally troublesome pests. They mostly enter your home in search of food and a safe shelter. Try to prevent them from entering your living space by all possible means.

Whose responsibility is it to tackle pest problems: landlords or tenants?

As per the pest control apartment laws, it is the responsibility of landlords to provide pest control. The landlords are responsible for providing clean, safe, and pest-free living spaces to tenants. If they fail to do so, tenants have the right to take action against them. For instance, tenants can withhold rent or break the lease without consequence.

Important steps to be taken when you notice a pest issue in your apartment

  • Immediately call a pest control technician.
  • Monitor the infestation and condition of the home.
  • Double-check the lease
  • If the tenant is responsible, remind them of their maintenance responsibilities.
  • Ensure that the tenant takes action.

How can I keep pest infestations to a minimum? 

Many pest control apartment laws say that landlords are usually responsible for pest control if the problem occurs naturally. For example, if the home is near a field, you can expect a mouse infestation, and it’s the property owner’s responsibility to control such issues.

As a solution for this, landlords or property owners should set up a contract with a local pest control company as a preventative measure.

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